Super Junior The Fourth Album

siiiiigh Okaaaay sure...... I seriously paid a super expensive shipping just to get it 12 days late =.= Even when I order a cheapest shipping, I didn't wait this long... What is up, DVDHeaven? But anyway after all the rant I've done, in the end I'm still the HAPPY FANGIRL!

OH MY YAAAAY! The Version A is as big as the Super Show DVD photobook. May I rephrase that, Version A is photobook! LOOOOL. I seriously not liking the cd case. This is not a CD case at all! It's a photobook that they inserted the CD. The CD looked really fragile. *should be careful when pulling the album out. =.= Version B is is as big as Sorry Sorry Version B album but the photobook is thicker. I loooooooooove it! and LOOK WHO I GOT FOR MY PHOTOCARDS? It's Ryeowook and Eunhyuk! hahahah OMG. Thank you DVDHeaven, I was hoping that I would get Eunhyuk. and TA-DA!!!!!
^This is what Version A looks like. Seriously, the CD looked so fragile.
I'm really worried given the fact that I'm really careless.

^And this is what Version B looks like. heh~
And let's talk about the posters. OH MY GOD! I FREAKING LOVE VERSION A'S POSTER!!!! IT'S FREAKIIIIING HUUUUUUUGE! *lol i'm obsessed with CAPS LOCK right now* hahaha I say this is the biggest SJ poster I have so far. It's bigger than Don't Don posters and I'm not even joking.

 ^This shows how much bigger Ver A is compared with Ver B. I swear.
I was sooooo amused when I saw how big Ver A poster is!!!! I LOOOOOOOOVE IT.

^Okaayy, just for comparison, this is how big Ver A is
compared to Boys In City 3 poster (this is the only poster I haven't put up yet so... hehe)

^and this is how small Version B poster is compared
to Boys in City 3. Yeah~ it's pretty small but Ver A made up for it!

^There's two front covers for Ver A. The one with Heechul's group is my friend's.
I get to have Eunhyuk's group front cover which happen
Siiiiiiigggghhhh of happiness. I'm really happy. Despite my rant at DVDHeaven and how fragile Version A album is, I'm a happy fangirl. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the album so much.... ,<333333 hmmmmm which made me remember, I should post up the photo of my entire SuJu collection ^___^ HAHHA. I`ll do it when I find time.... I'm quite busy these days and I still need to revamp my room and move some posters around to give some space for my new lovely posters. HAHHAHAH.
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