SJ application on Itunes!

Phew! Seriously, all for Super Junior. SM released an SJ application on Itunes. I downloaded the free version but couldn't get it to sync with my itouch. turns out I have to pay for upgrading my I-touch software =.= WHAT A! loool so yea, I paid for the new software and decided to pay for the application too! (when I seriously need to save up for my summer trip........ really anything for Super Junior!)

So yea.... I paid and downloaded everything but at the end, I'M A HAPPY FANGIRL AGAIN. I LOOOOOVE IT.

^This is what it looked like when you turn on your ipod.
and when you click either the lite (free app) or the paid app:

^It will show that. Then you get to choose which one you'd like to view,
MV, MP3 (which didn't have My All Is In You =.=), Gallery,  Clock and Information.
Difference between the free and paid one is of course there's lots
of MV (included Bonamana BTS, Sorry Sorry and Neorago MV) and gallery pictures

^Left is the Lite Version and the right one the paid version

Here are more photos of the app:

1st picture - Song List of the 3rd album that didn't have My All Is In You =.= (fail!)
2nd picture - how it looks like when you play the song. It's pretty cool. There is lyrics and it's highlighted like the one in monkey3
3rd picture - MV! (Bonamana MV BTS)
4th picture - Gallery
5th picture - Time and date.

Super Super Coooool! Hope they update this application. I love it!

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