wooorkk.. worrkkk.. worrrk. I'm dead

worrk worrkk worrk.... endlessly working. I want it to be weekend now so that I can fully rest. Auuuuugh. Anyways,,,,,,,,,, other than working, I've been crazy buying SuJu stuff online too. Why? Because its friends' birthday already! lol. After I converted them to ELF, now I feel like I'm obligated to give them gifs that are SuJu stuff. LMAO. But TBH, I'm having hard time purchasing stuff cuz whatever I have as my collections, they don't sell it online anymore (DVDHeaven and YesAsia) =.= I tried posting on soompi but I'm getting meeeh~s offers. The only nice thing offer so far was 2007 Super Junior Calendar. which is really sweet since it's still existing... but auuuugh. I guess I`ll just get them those posters on Yesasia.....

Speaking of online shopping., WTH. DVDHEAVEN???? like WTH? It's been 5 day since you told me you shipped it and I still don't have my parcel???? This is the first time I'm receiving something from you that went beyond 3 days O.O I checked my EMS tracking

Okaaaay... apparently, post office received it on May 24th when they emailed me on the 20th saying they already did.. LIKE WHAAAT? and from what I'm understanding here, it's arrived my airport now. LMAO Seriously.... this is the first time, from the longest time I've been purchasing from them and what they're saying and what's on EMS do not match. Fail! Fail! Fail! Hopefully I would get it tomorrow since uhhhm I paid for 2 days delivery. =.= I want my 4jib now ==.==

On the brighter side..... my lovely friend♥ my BBF ELF told me if I wanted a SJ lightstick and I was like... hello? I've already got 2 why would I need another one???? and She was like well it's a Hankyung customized light stick.

First look and I fell in love with it. I LOOOOOVE IT It's sooo cute. She said Malaysian used that for SuShow in Malaysia (She's Malaysian BTW) and I'm like "For reals??? How come I didn't know lightstick like this exist." It's sooooooo cute. I told her I should get it... and yeeep! She ordered it for me... *of course I paid* lmao. and I'm sooo excited. is getting it within 10 days or so... ahhhh!!! I want to get a hold of it right now!

Now if only I can use my 2..... now 3 lightsticks in Super Show. LOOOOOL
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I just ordered something from dvdheaven but i was wondering how you even use that tracker thing. Like where do you get the tracking number?
Thanks. I never got that email though, even though i purchased a cd and got a receipt from paypal and that was it. The status says delivered and thats all. Hopefully my CD comes!! =) thanks for your help
You never got an email like that? hmm That's soo weird. I always get that confirmation mail after DVDHeaven sends it to the mail office.

Anyways, about that status-delivered,
did it look like this? http://i47.tinypic.com/vcuvqp.jpg
If it did, you`ll need to click the order number ^^

It should have a tracking number. Although if you picked the cheapest shipping method, it would just give a bunch of random numbers that aren't really a tracking number. So that just means, you`ll just need to wait for your item without tracking it -___-. It will come no more than 2 weeks. and no worries, it's still a registered mail. The mailman will still need your signature for that item despite being cheapest shipping method. ^^