2010 Dream Concert with Super Junior and ELF

"We will fly higher and farther until the colour sapphire blue covers the world"-Leeteuk

What could have been more beautiful than this? ELF once again creating a Sapphire Blue Ocean right before Super Junior's eyes. ELF who is always there ready to support the boys even at their hardest times. Super Junior and ELF have gone through alot but because there was a such deep love existing, Super Junior and ELF are becoming stronger than ever.

Leader Leeteuk, the kind of leader you would not ask for more. He's always there always reminding us that we're still complete and one and nothing have really changed at this point.
^I love how he always secures fans' insecurities. They might have been far apart physically but verbally and spiritually, we're together and complete.
Super Junior + ELF = ONE.
Super Junior is Super Junior.

What a wonderful year yet again to remember and to treasure

Leeteuk's twitter entry:
Dream party...Dream Concert!!! Thank you for making a happy memory^^

Once again, it was a time that showed Super Junior and E.L.Fs power...
You are the best!! I love you...You E.L.Fs all over the world!!!

Heechul's twitter entry:
I was so surprised today.  It was so pretty (+_+) blues shaking their balloons
You guys are super, quaking and staying in your seat until the end even though it was raining and windy!! 

Shindong's twitter entry:
Dream Concert ended!!!!  I saw really clearly SJ in the audience!!^^
E.L.Fs you guys suffered a lot..^^
Many fans who filled the seats!!  Hardships!! ㅋㅋ

Sungmin's twitter entry:
I've heard that many blue angels came to Dream Concert!^^
Today E.L.F you guys are the best
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

Shall we look forward for the Dream Concer 2011? :D
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