whoa It's been a long time since I`ve used my livejournal. siigh I've been really busy =.= I am barely keeping up to date with everything. I`m starting forget my life on computer because real life doesn't allow me to do anything at all..... TT___TT I've been busy working and working and working........

Things need to be done here on computer...
1. work on cleaning the manga stuff I am working on for my scanlation  group. siiigh. I really don't know when I could finish that

2. work on my new YAMAKI music video. OMG. I`m like half way through it and I`m liking what I`m seeing so far. It's too emotional and just sad. pooor Maki. I need to get it done so that me and my other yamaki shippers have something spazz on again. HAHHA.

3. read my manga. LIKE OMG. I have totally forgotten my ritual and I haven't bought any mangas yet since April TT___TT Well, to be honest, I`ve been really poor. I don't have budget for my manga atm but I`ll try to buy my Nana and Bokura Ga Ita next month!

4. Watch my dramas. I`m currently watching Cinderella Unni and Personal Taste but I had to stop at 10 because uhhh.. Super Junior came back and whenever it's Super Junior related, I forget the world. LOL.

5. update my LJ. LOOOOOL.

TBH, It's only Super Junior again and again who I can still find time to spend on.... the rest are forgotten =.= I`ll really try to do eveything again at once just like before. hahaha

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